Early 90s

After leaving China during the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square protests, my journey brought me to the United States. It was a period of re-education and initiation into a new environment. I had to learn the basic life skills all over again, starting with language and culture mores. As one can notice, this new surrounding has invigorated my art work. The examples on this page are witnesses to this phase of my life, where I letting go of my old life, and beginning to embrace my new home.

Beijing Opera | 26" x 40" | Acrylic/ink on paper
Beijing Opera | 26″ x 40″ | Acrylic/ink on paper
Cross through Music | 54" x 50" | oil on canvas
Cross through Music | 54″ x 50″ | oil on canvas
Sister with Babies | 40" x 38" | Acrylic/ink on paper
Sister with Babies | 40″ x 38″ | Acrylic/ink on paper


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