MASK OF 2020

This group of mask-themed works began in mid-February this year, and new works have been continuously drafted and semi-finished products of the past few months have been revised and improved.

I Lived in China for 35 years and the United States for 30 years. I cannot remember the memory of China 30 years ago when I returned to China today. Just as I could not remember the feeling when I first came here to the United states 30 years later.

Why? Where is wrong? It is a big problem that I have been thinking for many years. At the moment when the epidemic rages, the problem was revealed and people have a problem. We have become mad and a slave who pursues material things but has become a traitor in spirit.

 The most recorded human works of art are the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty by various races. Now that mankind neither pursues nor respects the truth, why talk about goodness and beauty? The epidemic made all humans wear masks to save their lives and hide their lives.

 My new group of mask works were inspired by this, expressing my absolute hatred of being untruthful, unkind, and even more disguised.

Personalities in a bright and beautiful environment, a slave in pursuit of material enjoyment, and a body without a soul.