I was born in China and lived there for half of my life, experiencing the effects of the Cultural Revolution from 1966 – 1976. In the 1990’s I immigrated to the United States and built a new life here.

Life experiences under two entirely different cultures, languages, and ideologies weigh heavily on my conceptual thinking and approach to painting

My formal art training was divided between Chinese traditional painting and western oil painting.  Since then, I have been immersed in the world of painting for decades.

Since the very beginning, my intention has been to convey my own interpretations and critiques of contemporary life, and to express those thoughts with traditional techniques of painting.

My artwork is primarily driven by lines and shapes instead of light and three dimensional space.

My approach to color is based on the traditional Chinese theory of “coloring with elements” combined with the Western theory of “coloring with environment.”

The compositions in my work draw upon the “distributed perspective” of traditional Chinese painting, where viewpoints are collected and determined by will.

Most characteristic of my work is use Chinese calligrapher brush strokes to deal with Abstract Expressionist color.




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