Human beings get along to form culture and society, which is an essential difference between humans and animals. The most important principle in the interaction between people is sincerity and trust. One of the most terrifying problems of contemporary people is the loss of trust in peopel and even those around him. But in order to survive, we still have to interact with people and seek to survive in society. Both distrust and communication, people give birth to many faces and masks that change constantly from person to person, from time to time, and from place to place. My mask series is based on this one-person phenomenon.

人与人相处而形成文化和社会,这是人与动物的一个本质区别。 而人与人交往,最重要的一个原则是真诚和信任。 当代人最可怕的一个问题是对人娄乃至身边的人失去信任。 但为了生存还是要与人交往,求得在社会中生存。 既不信任又要交往,人们就生出诸多面孔以面具因人,因时,因地而不断变化。 我的面具系列作品则立于此一人娄现象之上。

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