After hundreds of millions of years, human beings have evolved from marine organisms to homo sapiens. The fish in rivers, lakes, and seas are close relatives of mankind. In Chinese culture, the fish is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Artists of the past dynasties have sought auspicious fortunes by painting fish. But today, 171 million tons of fish are caught by humans every year. What is perhaps even more frightening is that 8 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean every year and cause 15 million marine life deaths. The harmony between man and nature is one of the essences of Chinese traditional culture. And this value has been abandoned by the billions of people living on this earth. I do not seek fortune and prosperity by painting fish, but wonder whether humans can still live in harmony with nature before it is too late.

经几亿年人类由海洋生物而进化成为智人。江河湖海的鱼类应是人类的近亲。在中国文化中鱼是吉祥,富足的符号。历代画家都以画魚而求祥兆。 但今天每年有1.71亿吨魚娄为人娄捕捉,更可怕的是每年有800万吨塑料垃圾进入海洋而导致1500万海洋生物死亡。 人与自然和谐相处是中国传统文化的精髓之一。而这个价值观己被在这块土地上生存的十几亿人抛弃。 我画魚不求富余和吉祥,而着眼于人还能与自然和谐相处吗?

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