It has been 800 years since the Chinese tradition of painting the lotus flower began with Wang Mian in the Yuan Dynasty, and many have painted lotus flowers since then. While maintaining the appearance of a lotus flower on the outside, the inside often symbolizes cultural values. Rather than painting lotus flowers, I paint the lotus pond. The lotus pond is a symbol of Chinese culture and land. Can the current lotus ponds in China still cultivate beautiful flowers without reform?

中国人画荷花始自元代的王冕至今已有八百年,历代画荷花者盛多。寄情荷花为表,揉发文化价值观为里。 我画荷不画花而专注于荷塘。荷塘是中国文化和土地的象征,中国当下的荷塘不改造还能长出冰清玉洁的荷花吗?